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Sports ID Bands

If you live an active life, you need an ID band which can keep up. Sports ID wristbands and tags can be worn safely while resisting the elements, keeping your medical identification safe in case of an emergency. The silicone and fabric bracelets can be worn when running, hiking, climbing, cycling, canoeing or playing a sport, or pop a reflective tag on your helmet or trainers for extra visibility at night. These simple accessories allow you to do the things you love without having to worry about your medical condition.

Sports ID bands are a necessity. Take a look at our full range here:

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Partial to a spot of jogging, cycling, climbing or canoeing? Or perhaps a game of football is more your thing. However you keep active, it’s important you do it safely. You’ll more than likely wear some form of protective clothing – a helmet, shoes with great grip or knee pads – but if you have a medical condition or allergy you’ll need to make others aware of it. Sports ID bands store your vital information clearly and easily so it can be found quickly in the case of an emergency.

Why Sports ID?

The difference with regular ID jewellery and our sports range is these pieces can be worn safely when you’re active, resisting getting caught and preventing an injury. Our Vital ID and premier silicone wristbands are adjustable. Not only does this ensure a perfect fit, but allows you to ensure they sit closely to the skin for safety. A looser silicone bracelet is so light you’ll forget you’re wearing it, while arm and wrist pouches enable you to carry not only your vital information, but also medication or other small items. Shoe or helmet tags make forgetting to wear your ID impossible. Each of our designs is waterproof and robust enough to withstand lots of movement, and many are reflective for extra safety.

Engraved, USB and QR Codes

Our stainless steel tags are engraved to order, and we can personalise your sports ID band with whatever information you like. If you’d prefer, you could opt for one of our bands containing a waterproof card for you to write on. The surface area for most of our items is large enough to contain a medical condition or allergy, medication information and emergency contact number.

USB and QR code ID bands use the latest technology to maximise the information your band can provide in an emergency. USB pendants and wristbands contain a memory stick. These can be plugged into a computer or laptop to reveal detailed medical information, which is entirely editable by you. A QR code sports band also discretely holds your information until it is required. These can be scanned by a smart phone, which will then give access to a web page containing your details. They also have a text number for those who don’t have a smart phone, and come with a package so you can use the service for free.

However you choose to stay active, it’s important to stay safe. Take a look at our range of products above to find your perfect ID band.

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