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SOS Talisman Necklaces

These SOS talisman necklaces are suitable for anybody with a medical condition, whether you have diabetes or you're a heart patient. The information strip is contained inside the talisman, which has a watertight seal to protect your sensitive details. They are also heat-resistant to give maximum protection and are available in different styles.

Have a look at our range of medical talisman below:

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Living with a medical condition can be hard. If you need to keep sensitive information with you at all time, it could easily become lost or damaged. This is why we are proudly offering a range of SOS talisman necklaces to give you that little bit of peace of mind. They come in a variety of designs, such as zodiac, shamrock and flag themed pieces, to suit all tastes and interests.

The capsule has a watertight and heat resistant seal to help protect the information strip inside, which is made of non-soluble paper. The strip itself comes in six different languages so wherever you are you, emergency medical staff will have detailed information about your condition.

Not only are they a great alternative to carrying vital data inside a purse or wallet, they also differ from wearing a medical bracelet. These SOS necklaces are stylish to wear and your medical information is within easy reach of paramedics to help identify the issue.

Each talisman comes with a standard chain and is available in several different materials, including quality chrome, stainless steel and silver. However, gold and chrome and are not recommended for those taking certain medications as they can cause items to tarnish. More information on this is available on the product page.

For a fashionable and easy way to keep your medical information safe and secure, have a look at our range of SOS talisman necklaces above.

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