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SOS Talisman Bracelets

A talisman bracelet is perfect for storing medical ID out of sight until it is required. The screw-on cap keeps information about your medical condition, medication and allergies stored securely, while making sure it is still easily accessible in an emergency. Choose from a range of chrome plated, stainless steel, gold plated or sterling silver designs featuring St. Christopher, the snake and staff medical symbol or the letters SOS.

Take a look at our men's and women's talisman bracelets to find your perfect piece.

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Talisman bracelets are a timeless classic in medical identification. Our range includes traditional St. Christopher, lucky horseshoe and minimalist plain designs, all made from quality metals.

Secure Identification

Medical SOS bracelets are popular because they store customised information out of sight, rather than having it on show like in an engraved design. Each of our talisman bracelets includes an information strip with plenty of space for detail. This is non-soluble and has space for six different languages, making these pieces ideal to wear when travelling. The talisman itself is both watertight and heat proof.

It isn’t safe to carry your medical identification in a handbag or wallet as they can easily be lost or destroyed in an emergency. SOS talisman bracelets are recognised by medical personnel around the world, allowing on-the-spot identification in an instant.

Choosing a Bracelet

Acidity and certain medications can cause plated jewellery to tarnish, so we don’t recommend gold or chrome plated bracelets for anyone on medication. Our sterling silver and stainless steel designs, however, are perfect for anyone.

We offer both men’s and women’s chain lengths. We can also provide longer chains for our gold plated, chrome plated and stainless steel talisman bracelets.

Find your perfect medical SOS bracelet above.

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