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Choose from a selection of medical jewellery to make others aware of your condition. Items are available in a variety of shapes, including diamond, oval, heart and a large cross. The tag features the internationally recognised snake and staff medical symbol, so they are easy to identify.

Fully engravable

As well as being recognised as an item of medical jewellery, the back of the tag can also be engraved with a few lines of text (amount varies per item). The details of what you want engraved can be finalised on your online shopping basket.

Alternatively, you can purchase the necklace blank and have you local jeweller or engraver fill in the details for you.

Being fully engravable means you can print important information about your medical condition, such as contact details in case of an emergency. This gives great peace of mind when out and about.

The medical alert symbol is available in red or blue, depending on your preferences. The symbol is a recognised logo, so people will be aware that you have a medical condition.

Choose a different chain

Each item comes with a free slim ball chain, so you can begin wearing yours as soon as it arrives. We also offer alternative chains, if you would prefer something to the standard one. You can choose a chain that is longer or that comes with a clasp to keep your pendant secure.

There's no reason why you can’t look stylish while wearing a medical necklace and purchasing one of our pendants (either for yourself or for someone you know) will make others aware of your condition while being discreet.

Look at our range of products above. There’s sure to be a design that will fit you perfectly.

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