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Medical Alert Subscription Services

Subscription services like Ice Call and Ice Text make the most of the latest technology to provide your detailed identification in an emergency. Your data will be stored securely and privately until required, where it can be accessed by simply calling or texting with your individual number. Subscription services like these offer extra peace of mind when out and about. You can include plenty of information on your condition, it can be updated when medicines change and your emergency ID can even be forwarded to the hospital before you even arrive.

Find out more about our emergency subscription services below:

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You can’t always have someone with you, and even when you do, that person is unlikely to know your allergies, medications and conditions. Fortunately, subscription services like Ice Call and Ice Text are like a virtual doctor, there for you in an accident or emergency.

How do Medical Phone Alerts Work?

If you are involved in an incident, your responder simply needs to text or call quoting your subscription number (this can be kept in your wallet, pocket or on your medical jewellery). Depending on whether you use the call or text service, they either read this out to the operator or text it to a special number. The responder will then be given your detailed medical identification, with as much detail as you specify beforehand. This can include your medical conditions, medications, allergies, blood group and whether you have a pacemaker or implant. You can also choose to include a family member, friend or partner’s details as an emergency contact.

Benefits Over Traditional ID

While keeping your identification on your jewellery, shoes or clothing is an important measure to take, space is often limited. If you struggle to include all your details on a charm or tag, a subscription service gives you the opportunity to share more information with paramedics or first aiders. It can be updated when medicines or conditions change, and the text service even gives a link to a mobile optimised web page filled with even more detail.

Ice Call and Ice Text store your medical ID securely and discretely until it’s required. You no longer have to wear your medical details for everyone to see; your necklace or bracelet can simply contain your subscription number and the phone number to text or call.

Credit System

We have selected our phone and text subscription services for their simplicity to use and maintain. The emergency text service is a 12 month subscription which comes with six free incident credits (allowing your details to be retrieved six times). The text message bundle is a useful add-on which gives you a further 15 credits.

Membership to the phone service also lasts 12 months, giving you unlimited incident calls as part of your subscription. The UK call centre is manned 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and all calls are answered within 4 rings. Details can be updated easily online, and you’ll receive an Ice Text or Ice Call card to carry, which explains how to manage your information.

Medical alert subscriptions save lives. Take a look at our emergency text and phone services above.

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