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USB Dog Tags and Wristbands

In the case of an emergency you're going to want the people treating you to be well informed about your medical history, conditions and medication. Fortunately, medical USB is there for you when you can’t speak for yourself. Each piece of wearable technology below contains a concealed USB device which can be plugged into a laptop or computer, to reveal vital details about your health which may affect your treatment.

Find out more about our USB ID products below.

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Many find they struggle to fit their details on a traditional engraved ID bracelet or necklace. Complicated medical conditions and medications often don’t fit within set character limits, and changing medications can mean engraving a new piece of jewellery every couple of weeks. Others prefer not to have their medical details on show, and would rather they remained hidden until an emergency situation. Our medical USB wristbands and dog tags are the perfect solution.

How do USB Wristbands and Necklaces Work?

Each piece in our USB ID range contains a concealed and protected USB chip which is universally recognised by emergency services personnel and doctors. They will be able to plug this into a computer or laptop for your up-to-date detailed medical information in an instant.

Your full details can include the emergency contact details of friends or family, your doctor or specialist, your medical history and any medication you are currently taking. These are easily editable, and you can even use a secure private folder to store scans of important documents. Another benefit of using USB identification is items like our UTAG dog tag support 7 language options, making them ideal to wear when travelling.

How to Wear Your Medical ID

Choose how you want to wear your USB ID. You may find a necklace or wristband most convenient; the wristbands are available in a choice of colours and sizes, and our dog tag necklaces are waterproof and dust resistant. Alternatively, a wrist pouch is a safe and secure way of carrying your USB stick when playing sport or exercising.

Take a look at our full range of products above. Medical USB jewellery offers doctors the opportunity to be well-informed when treating you.

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