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Kids’ Allergy Products

Keeping your child safe is a top priority, especially if they have an allergy. These allergy cases and wristbands are the perfect way to let others know about their condition. Choose from our range of lunch bags, allergy bands and accessories that make people aware. Each product comes printed with a cartoon image that easily identifies different allergies, including: nut, gluten, egg and even latex. They also come in an array of colors and styles.

Have a look at our range of kid's allergy products below:

Single Allergy Bands

Multi-Allergy Band and Charms

Medicine Cases / Lunch Bags

Allergy Stickers and Labels

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Children need to take care of themselves when it comes to allergies and medical conditions, so it’s important for parents to take steps and make sure others are aware of any illnesses they have.

These medicine cases and allergy bands help identify what allergy your child has so others can act accordingly. This is especially important for children who eat school dinners. By wearing a wristband or dog tag, the school will be aware of what they can’t eat or drink.

Medicine Carrying Cases/Lunch Bags

These cases and lunch bags are available in various designs, each with a colourful image and message alerting others they have an allergy. They are made with eco-friendly PEVA to keep their food fresh and each one comes with an allergy card containing details about their allergies.

The smaller carry cases are designed to hold sensitive medication safely. They also have easy-to-follow instructions in case of an emergency.

Single Allergy and Multi-Allergy Bands

Created by AllerMates, these wristbands are bright and colourful. Each one clearly depicts the child’s condition in a fun manner. They are made from tough PVC (which is latex free) and are adjustable to suit wrists of all sizes for children aged 2-8.

For children with more than one allergy, we have bands that come with multiple charms, each with a cartoon design depicting the allergy. Other charms are available to buy separately.

Allergy Stickers and Labels

These stickers from AllerMates are a great way to remind teachers and school staff about your child’s allergies. They are bright, easy to see and come in various fun designs to help others identify their condition.

Allergy Dog Tags

These dog tags are a great way to let others know of any allergies and are an ideal alternative to wristbands. They come with 16-inch ball chain and are made from nickel-free hypo-allergenic metal.

Have a look at the products we have on offer for your children. Make sure they stay safe at school and at friends’ houses by purchasing a carry case, allergy band or dog tag.

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