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With so many different styles to choose from, you can be sure you'll pick the right wristband or sports bracelet for your child. Each piece of medical jewellery comes with an adjustable strap and a blank tag perfect for having information engraved on. The tag also comes with the red medical symbol embossed, to help others identify them.

We also have replacement straps that can be purchased separately, giving your child more designs to choose from.

Kids' Medical Bands

Our medical bands come with an adjustable strap and a snap-lock clasp to secure them in place. The strap can be adjusted from 4 to 8 inches. Designs come in a variety of colours including camo green, red, pink and black. We also have several fun designs such as baseball, butterflies and fish patterns.

Each one can be engraved with medical details on the back of the medical tag. You can choose to have this information engraved once you purchase the bracelet, or you can buy it blank and have your local jeweller or engraver do it for you.

We also have an extra special autism range. Similar to the other medical alert bracelets, they come with adjustable straps and a tag with a blank space on the back for text. The front of the tag displays the word 'autism' in a clear font.

Kids' Sports Bands

These medical wristbands are ideal for children who enjoy sports and other activities. The adjustable strap is attached by Velcro to make it easy to remove as well as secure.

We have a couple of designs ready to go for diabetes and autism. All our sports bracelets come with an engravable tag with space on the back for contact details. They also have the red medical symbol on the front.

For added safety, these wristbands come with reflective thread borders to make them more visible during the evenings. This is great if your child is out playing sports or bike riding until late.

Give you and your child peace of mind with kids medical & sports bands. Have a look at our selection.

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