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Infomedic Necklaces

If you're looking for something a little different to the standard medical bracelets, why not opt for an Infomedic necklace? These stylish pendants open to reveal discreet medical information contained inside a waterproof seal.

Browse our range of pendants and necklaces below to see which one is right for you or your recipient:

Stainless Steel

9ct Yellow Gold (NO CHAIN)

9ct White Gold (NO CHAIN)

9ct Yellow Gold (WITH CHAIN)

9ct White Gold (WITH CHAIN)

18ct Yellow Gold (NO CHAIN)

18ct White Gold (NO CHAIN)

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Featured Products

Looking for a medical pendant or necklace? Look no further than these fashionable and functional Infomedic necklaces. Each one comes engraved with the Snake & Staff medical logo, so others are aware of any medical conditions. They also come in three types of material: stainless steel, sterling silver and gold.

Choose your material and design

Our stainless steel range features fantastic jewellery items for any medical condition. They are made from hypoallergenic material, making them perfect for those who have sensitive skin. Designs vary from round and oval shapes, to diamond and heart ones if you prefer something more stylish.

We also have pendants in sterling silver. These come in diamond and heart shapes and are a great gift idea for that special someone.

If you prefer a gold necklace, we have both white and yellow. There are options to purchase them with or without a chain. Similar to the steel and sterling collection, the gold pendants come in a variety of designs to give you more choice.

Items that come with a free chain vary in lengths from 18 to 20 inches. All jewellery in our range comes with free postage and is delivered in an Infomedic gift box, making them a perfect present for someone in your life with a medical condition.

The important details

The back of the pendant comes stamped with the words 'MEDICAL DATA' and instructions to 'UNSCREW' in case of an emergency. The inside holds a fold out piece of paper that contains all relevant medical information and contact details. The paper itself is waterproof and enclosed in a rubber seal, giving it extra security and protection.

Make sure you check out our full range of products, so you can find one that fits you or your loved one perfectly. These are ideal gifts for all occasions.

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