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Medical identity is important, which is why it comes in many forms. For sporty types and those who enjoy being outside, we are pleased to offer our range of shoe and helmet emergency ID tags. Even if you’re not playing sports, our hard hat accessories are perfect for people who work in dangerous areas, such as building sites.

For shoes

For people who love jogging or running, these shoe medical ID tags are ideal for that added peace of mind. They come in two colours, red or yellow and are made of 3M Scotchlite silver material, which makes them reflective during low light. They also come with an ID card for you to write important details on, such as name, address and details of your condition. The card tucks discreetly inside the inner pocket of the ID tag, which can then be threaded under your shoelaces and fastened securely using the Velcro underside.

For helmets

Additionally, we also do emergency ID tags for helmets and are great for keen cyclists or those who commute to work on their bikes. These are also fantastic as they are in plain sight so if you have an accident, others will see the information immediately.

Similar to the shoe tags, these items are reflective and the included card fits neatly into the sleeve inside the inner pocket. You can also purchase one of our sets with an emergency ID wallet card so you can record more details about your condition.

If you want to feel secure and protected while on your way to work or while engaged in outdoor activities, have a look at our range of emergency medical ID tags.

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