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Child Safety Tattoos

Child safety is an important issue for all parents. When your child is out with friends or on a school trip, our range of tattoos will help if they get lost while away from home, or if they wander from the group. They're also ideal for alerting others of any allergies or medical conditions they may have.

Have a look at our selection of child safety tattoos and give yourself some peace of mind.

All our temporary child safety tattoos are the ideal way for kids to remain safe while out on school trips, at a theme park or their friend's birthday party. They are also waterproof so wearers can still enjoy swimming activities.

Our range features a variety of designs including sports, princess and zoo themes and they come in a pack of 6 to give you additional tattoos.

Easy to apply

To make them easy to attach, each child safety tattoo is micro-thin and applied to the skin much like a plaster. All you need to do is wipe the desired area, peel the backing off the tattoo and stick it to the skin.

Each design comes with a pen so you can write important details directly onto it. If your child has an allergy or condition, you can use the tattoo as a medical alert sticker by including information such as what their allergy or condition is and who to contact in an emergency.

Our child safety tattoos are made out of medical grade, ultra-durable material, which is stretchable and breathable. They can remain on the child’s skin for up to two weeks so are perfect for an active lifestyle.

These fun and colourful tattoos are an ideal way to make others alert of your child's medical condition and to keep them safe in case they get lost. Your child will love wearing these, just like a real tattoo.

Our safety tattoos come in a range of designs so you can be sure you'll pick one that is right for your child. Have a look above for more details on what we offer.

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