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Medical ID Cards and Accessories

While it's important to wear your ID on a piece of jewelry, medical ID cards are perfect for carrying more detailed information. Our personalized cards list important details like your medical history, emergency contact and NHS number. The designs are printed to order with whatever details you require, and specially designed for clarity and durability. We also sell replacement tops for our talisman jewelry, and replacement cards for your wristband or shoe tags.

Take a look at our medical ID cards and emergency identification replacements below.

Identity cards are a popular choice for anyone with a medical condition. Along with engraved jewellery, wallets and pockets are one of the first places a response team will look in the case of an emergency.

Medical ID Cards

On this page you’ll find personalised medical ID cards for everything from Alzheimer’s to kidney failure, as well as the most common groups of allergies and a generic blank design. Each card is made to order, personalised with details like your medical condition and history, NHS number, medication and emergency contact information for a relative or doctor. The credit card sized piece of plastic is waterproof, durable, and available in a choice of colours.

A professionally printed card is eye-catching in the case of an incident. The clear design and font will also save precious seconds; handwritten scraps of paper are often misplaced, damaged when wet or difficult for medical staff to decipher. While your medical history may not fit on an ID bracelet or necklace, your jewellery could point first aiders to your ID card with more detail. We offer a “See Medical Identity Card” wristband which is specially designed for this purpose. A children’s seatbelt ID strap holds similarly vital information in the car, conveniently attached to the car seat.

Medical ID Replacements

Our spare cards are designed to fit our wristbands and shoe tags. If your medical or emergency contact information has changed, it’s important to update your card with one of our waterproof designs. When used with one of our fine-tipped marker pens, your information is permanent and won’t fade over time or smudge when wet.

If you wear one of our medical talisman jewellery pieces, the top can be lost when unscrewed in an emergency. Fortunately we sell replacements in high quality stainless steel, sterling silver, or gold or chrome plated designs.

Take a look at our medical identity cards, ionic bands and medical ID replacements above.

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