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Thank you so much for dispatching the medium classic bangles to me with my heart shaped engraved charm. I love the bangles and the charm and would like to thank you for the very reassuring and helpful telephone advice, for the amazingly prompt service and for the excellent email communication also. Could not believe how quickly you carried out my order and got it back to me! I would recommend your company to anyone and such a great design. I really won't feel like I wearing a sad label, but will enjoy wearing my bracelet and hope that it may prove useful, should I need help. But actually prefer to hope that I won't need this kind of help......

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Medical ID Bands

In an emergency the simple addition of a necklace or bracelet can save your life. ID bands give medical professionals crucial knowledge on what the problem may be and how to treat you, whether that is your allergies, conditions or medication you are currently taking. In those vital moments every second counts, and accessing your records or contacting relatives may be impossible. Our bands, bracelets, necklaces, cards and watches are designed to communicate on your behalf, helping first aiders, paramedics and doctors treat you quickly and effectively.

Identification is the most important thing you can wear. While each piece of medical alert jewellery in our range is robust, stylish and comfortable, each has been carefully designed to also be instantly recognisable and carry all essential information. Most feature the international medical symbol caduceus, the image of a staff with two snakes, and open or turn to reveal securely concealed medical identification.

Some of our medical alert necklaces and bracelets are engraved to order and tailored to each individual, while others are pre-engraved or incorporate common medical conditions into the design. The watertight and heatproof SOS talisman styles open to reveal non-soluble paper to write on.

Whether you suffer allergies to foods, latex or medical drugs, or whether you have a condition such as asthma or diabetes, these pieces quickly and clearly let your condition be known in the case of an emergency. You may also choose to include details like your first and last name and emergency contact numbers – our talisman designs have information strip headings in different languages. Choose from a range spanning stainless steel, gold, fabric and silicone jewellery – we have something in all styles, for both men and women. Our sports range features helmet and shoe ID tags – perfect for hikers, runners, cyclists or construction workers.

As well as ID jewellery for adults, we offer a children’s range in bright and appealing styles. AllerMates wristbands and carry cases feature fun characters to appeal to younger ones, and our sturdy, waterproof silicone and fabric bands give you peace of mind.

In addition to medical ID bands and jewellery, we also have a range of beautiful gifts which don’t have to carry medical information. If you’re looking for a locket engraved with a personal message for that special someone or a plain chain bracelet to clip charms onto, you’ll find something here.

If you have a medical condition or allergy, prioritise our medi alert range. One day that stylish necklace, bracelet or wristband could save your life. Take a look at our range above.