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Customer Ratings...

Overall Rating  4.86 out of 5 (based on 260 reviews)
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227 customers
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31 customers
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Customer Comments...

Well Laid Out & Quality Tip Top

Brilliant product just what I was looking for.

Professionally set out, all details spell checked. It is worth having so you do not have to remember details and they are all in one place. This is my third card as have had to update it due to changes.

Well set out, liked choice of colours, gives me piece of mind knowing that have details to hand if needed. This is my second card as have had to update due to changes

Great products great service I will use again

These are just wonderful and so very helpful in any emergency my husband does not know all my illnesses so if I need emergency treatment I cant trust him now its all written down for me so there can be no mistakes

I advise anyone who has a illness to get these as they can save lives

Provides the details I requested.. I find this handy when I need to recall my medication. Handy to carry if anything happens, my details are to hand.

Provides the details I requested.. I find this handy when needing to recall medication details. Have recommended my mother to carry one as her memory is not as good as it used to be.

Arrived day after ordering. Professionally made, looks really good. Writing is clear and concise.

wallet size

I would have liked to have been able to purchase a card for the specific situation "taking Warfarin" (or anti-coagulant), rather than this generic one.

The Medical ID Card was first class, well done and all the information requested included. Very impressed with the service.

Great product. Perhaps a little more flexibility in what you can put on the card might help some customers.

Goods as expected very pleasead

Clear and good quality

Medical identity,easy to input and shows info clearly.

I was only browsing the website when I decided to buy my first medical ID card. The card carries all relevant info - history, ICE details, meds etc - it's an invaluable part of my life now. I carry it wherever I go - just in case.

Great item, very clear and easy to read.

This is my second updated card. It has proved very useful on several occasions and saves a lot of time trying to remember all the medication I take ande the conditions I take them for!

I have a band with basic information on however this card is brilliant to include the full details and makes me feel safe to be able to go out has I suffer with Seizures.

Ideal for fitting in your wallet/purse


The product is top quality and there is room for lots of information.

Great item

Very professional service and fast delivery.

Works perfect for my husband who is waiting to have dialysis So nothing must be injected into left arm. And if admitted to hospital medication listed Brilliant

excellent product and service

very very good.

Ideal product, reasonable cost and fits the bill

Very pleased with this medical ID card bought for my partner who has multiple medical issues. Printed really well and clear. Only had the ID card less than a week and used it twice already.

As always my item was perfect, although I couldn't manage to get a pink card like previously, have they been stopped?? Or was it my mobile device?? Still perfect as always though
*** OUR RESPONSE - We are doing pink cards again.

The medical team at my hospital are really impressed. 'Wow! Brilliant'!' (Their words sum this up.) Thank you so much

easy to slip in purse so easy to find if needed

Exactly what I have been looking for. Informative and fantastic quality.

I purchased this card as I have addisons disease & the card allows medical staff to know your info & give correct care needed to treat the problem. I would recommend these cards to everyone who has a medical condition because it will help you get the care you need.

Had one of these before which needed updating. Very useful to carry around….let's hope I don't need it for an emergency though…!

Very stylish and comfortable excellent quality

Absolutely brilliant. Simple and easy to fill out online, fast and speedy next day delivery. Great product would highly recommend and already come in handy. Doctors were impressed and found it really useful!!!

FANTASTIC... great quality and service once again.

a definite must

This is a very handy item to have as it gives all the information about your medical condition also medications you are taking and who to contact in case of emergency.

Printed exactly as I had written it

Quick delivery. The card fits perfectly in my purse where I wanted it

Excellent service and super fast delivery

Very useful item, exactly as described. East to use website.

Choice of colour of card is good so you know which it is at a glance. All details printed legibly. A great help for emergencies or for hospital visits.

Good quality item, clearly printed

excellent thanks

Great little card with all information clearly in view. THANKYOU.

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