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Overall Rating  4.88 out of 5 (based on 159 reviews)
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141 customers
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17 customers
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Customer Comments...

Very good quality and delivery was quick Thankyou

Excellent my last ones ordered 3 years ago worn 24 7 bathing etc true to there word did not fade

I have already experienced nursing staff attempting to take blood pressure and samples from my affected arm, even though I have only recently had my surgery. I will wear my bracelets when I am out and about, and also when I go to hospital for appointments so that they serve as a reminder!

Excellent fit, very comfortable with a clear print. Very pleased.

Exactly what I wanted

Bought as a present for my father but certain he will be very pleased with it.

Repeat order to replace one that has now worn out with the amount of use it has had in the last 3 years. I feel secure in the knowledge that in an emergency, the alert is visible.

Just what I needed.

Both items very good.

Great product

nice very clear instructions on band

Fitted just right very pleased.

Fitted my friend and she was very pleased.

Absolutely ideal - exactly what I wanted. Thanks.

High quality product and really reasonably priced. ID band has very clear writing and you can see from the design that the writing is not going to rub off. This band has given me peace of mind now knowing that it is on my wrist if I cannot answer for myself

Perfect for what I need

This is a replacement. My original one split (after 15 months of almost continual wear)so happy enough to order another one.......

Everything clearly printed. Nice colours. Like the way they've used different coloured print on the wording

Same as above

Perfect for the job. Just a thought though that it would be nice to have a choice of bigger sizes for those of us who have lymphodeama.

Had surgery last year and you would not believe the amount of doctors that think that it is ok to do bp and bloods from bad arm

I have purchased before always pleased


Very good item, writing is clear and easy to read. I like the fact that the writing is across the whole band.

This was my second order as unfortunately my new labrador puppy "found" the first one and decided to use it as a teething ring. Needless to say, I shall be taking great care with my replacement as this band has been a great reminder for me.

The product is very good quality and I feel much more at ease when wearing it.

I bought this as a 'gift' for a friend who's recently had ANC. I too am receiving treatment for breast cancer but thankfully my lymph nodes were clear so I didn't need ANC (although I did have to have bilateral mastectomies as had cancer in both breasts)! My sister had breast cancer 10 years ago and had ANC and then went on to develop lymphoedema so I know how important it is to be cautious!!

really comfy and the size is perfect, very prompt delivery

Going into hospital shortly and plan to use it during surgery and hope no-one sticks me with a sharp.

Excellent quilt ,value for money

Recommend to every one had Lymph Nodes remove.

Exactly what I was looking for after surgery, and 7.1 inches was perfect for my small wrist. Would highly recommend to anyone for peace of mind.

Would prefer more choice of colours and sizes.

Good for casual wear, light and comfortable.

Actually purchased this for a friend - I have had my band for three years now and it is still going strong - despite my having worked for much of this time in a company kitchen, so it has had to deal with repeated sterilisation and boiling water!

I am really pleased with my ID Band which arrived promptly, I have a very small wrist and the medium 7.1 inches was fine. It is light and easy to wear, and now I have peace of mind in the event of an emergency.

Good quality band. Would highly recommend

This band is just what I was looking for for my mother. It reminds her to be careful with her bad arm, as well as everybody else. Plus it actually looks much nicer than I thought it would. An excellent product at a very reasonable price. Thank you.

Fantastic quality , very clear writing precise warning !

Very prompt delivery just in time for my hospital stay, I will be pleased to know that once they see my medical alert bracelet, they won't try to take blood pressure or stick needles into my left arm. Thank you

Brilliant product- just what I was looking for.

This is an excellent product. Exactly what I needed to give me peace of mind. So far I have worn it swimming twice and it is exactly as it was when it arrived new. Excellent and speedy service. Brilliant.

Love these bracelets, they do exactly as 'it says on the tin' and give a great feeling of security.

Excellent product....easy to put on and very light to wear....clear writing.....gives me peace of mind when I am out on my own or with people who don't know my history.

Excellent product....easy to put on and very light to wear....clear writing.....gives me peace of mind when I am out on my own or with people who don't know my history.

Very good

Good quality as usual

Very pleased as it had been a worry that if for some reason I needed urgent attention, it would not be known not to take my blood pressure or inject any medication into my left arm.

An excellent product. I had difficulty in finding a band like this. Many people have commented on what a good idea it is. Unfortunately, not many people know they exist. A link to your website I believe would be great on the Breast Cancer/Lymphodemia websites.

The bracelet was just what I wanted,clear inscription, colourful, bright and very fit for purpose.

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